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Sup Deviant Art Peeps

So I have been working on developing the concept for an animated series called Kid iKawe.

You can check out the trailer on Youtube, here's the link:…

The story has evolved drastically (like all great ideas do) and is basically a fictional tale about a young African boy named Shaka who is thrown into the adventure of a lifetime. Shaka's quest is to recover the lost pieces of the magical orb of balance known as the uMoya, however the pieces are scattered across time and the far reaches of the Earth. He's joined by his two companions Mbali and Mbuso and with the help of the ancient Gaurdian Umvelo the trio encounter countless friends and foes along the way with the likes of dinosaurs, pirates and dark magical sorcerors.

Laters... well hopefully sooner than later.
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Popsaart Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2012
Claudio! I had to check this out and is certainly most awesome! well done on this buddy. I'll hit you with a line soon!
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